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Buying a house is probably the most stressful thing we have encountered, but well worth the stress at the end. I must say meeting John Kim has been a blessing, we knew nothing about buying a house, we had millions of questions and John answered them with a smile on his face. I probably sent him a billion homes that we wanted to see and he was happy to show us the homes. He is such a loving and caring person and our kids love him, he became more than just our realtor he became a close friend and family.

Since John came into our lives he has made everything so much simpler, I was pregnant while searching for our home and John was there every step of the way. He has so much knowledge about what he’s doing. I can go on and on about how amazing John is to our family. I’ve recommended everyone that I have come across that are inquiring about buying a home, he so helpful and the fact that he is so knowledgeable just made everything he does that much more easily.

You will not be disappointed with John’s work ethics. I cannot thank John enough for all he has done for our family. John worked his magic and got us our home after long hours and many months of searching.


Stacey Saephanh

What stress?

Finally!!! From searching while we were pregnant to giving birth to our beautiful baby girl, the hours and days we've put into searching for a home, all of the hard work has paid off, we finally purchased a house to call our home, where we could build memories and watch our babies grow. With the help of our good friend John we can now say we are homeowners!!!

Thank you John for everything you've done for me and my family, without you, we would still be searching and going crazy as we speak, thank you once again for all your time you've put into helping us find our home. Appreciate everything you did for us!

Jose Suarez

We appreciate you!