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Posted on 01/20/2020
The Toilet That Cleans Itself
It's not often we get excited about a toilet. And we're excited about the Kohler...
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Posted on 12/23/2019
Post-it Notes That Stay Put on the Job Site
Extreme Notes put the ’sticky’ in sticky...
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Posted on 12/09/2019
TLC for Wood Patio Furniture
Even though outdoor furniture is typically made of resilient hardwoods or naturally rot-resistant softwoods, it’s not immune to the elements. Here’s how to keep your deck or patio set in top...
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Posted on 12/02/2019
Power Up Your Compost
If you slacked on tending your compost pile this winter, it’s time to get it back into action. Give it a bit more attention now, and your garden will thank you...
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Posted on 11/25/2019
Chemical-Free Ways to Deal With Winter Ice
Even ice melts that are safer for pets and plants can have environmental drawbacks—and all salts stop working below 15ºF. Consider skipping chemicals altogether with these options to improve your...
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Posted on 10/28/2019
Bath Tiling Made Easier
Renovating your bath? Take the stress out of a DIY tile job—and save some time and money—with these off-the-shelf...
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Posted on 10/14/2019
Celebrate Spring With KOHLER Dutchmaster Floral Sinks
"Grow" a bold and beautiful garden in your bath or powder room with this breathtaking design by Ashley Woodson...
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Posted on 08/26/2019
TOH Talks Skilled Trades at the 2018 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show
"The Editor at Large" interviewed cast and crew at the joint event with the National Kitchen and Bath...
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Posted on 08/19/2019
Fireplace Makeover for $45
A first-time homeowner transforms a dated brick fireplace with two cans of gray paint—and some DIY...
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Posted on 07/29/2019
Jimmy DiResta on Ask This Old House: The Remix
DiResta is known on YouTube for a specific — dare we say chipmunkish — video style. So, we made a "DiResta-style" cut of his appearance on the...
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Posted on 07/22/2019
Idea House 2017 | Chippendale Railing
Check out this timelapse of details from our beach house in Rhode...
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Posted on 06/03/2019
Sneak Peek—Idea House: Narragansett Neighborhood
Exploring the history of the homes surrounding the 2018 Idea...
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