John S. Kim

John S. Kim

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Hi, I'm John Kim and I'd love to help you. Whether you're in the research phase at the beginning of your real estate search to buy or you're ready to sell your home in the next 30-90 days, you'll benefit from having a real estate professional by your side. I'd be honored to put my real estate experience to work for you.

Let's get acquainted. First, a little bit about me...

I have called the San Francisco Bay Area home since 1980. Leaving behind a colorful career in high tech back in 2004, I have focused my energy and passion for teaching and helping others in the real estate industry. Immediately, from the onset of my real estate career, I had the honor of being recognized as the No. 1 Real Estate Agent in my office and awarded Top Selling Agent in 2005 for successfully serving my community using real estate as a vehicle. Since 2005, I have continued to rank among the top in my field of residential real estate sales with my skilled negotiations, networking prowess, and tenacious focus on my clients’ goals. Today, I continue to follow my passion by educating friends and neighbors on the value of home-ownership and on navigating the new real estate economy.

I hold certifications as a Master Certified Negotiations Expert, Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist, Accredited Staging Professional, Certified Distressed Property Expert, and also the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Specialist by the California Association of Realtors, among others. Regarded by my peers as an expert on the subject of Negotiations, Contracts, Short Sales, and Foreclosures. I have proudly served as the corporate trainer to over 500 licensed agents and brokers at our corporate Newark office beginning in 2009.

I would love the opportunity to help you and your family as you decide the next direction in your real estate planning. If you have decided to sell your house or are still thinking through it, I have the resources and the skills to get you the most from your real estate decision.

When is a good time to talk this week? Let's talk.

What Clients Are Saying

I wrote this testimonial because I felt that my story might help with others who are in a similar situation and felt the need for a
professional real estate agent. In addition, my experience with John S. Kim needed to be shared about how he had helped me and my family start anew.

I first heard of John Kim through a friend. Believe it or not, my friend was a real estate agent himself. I was introduced to John
because I was told he would "know more about this then I would." After the initial introductions with John, I immediately knew he would be my agent. I told John that I planned to sell my current home and move to an area where I would be able to give my own children an opportunity at a better school district. On top of a better school district, I wanted my children to be to be closer to their grandparents.

The timing was critical because my children were about to begin their education at the new school within a few months. While most real estate agents only focus on one specific housing market, John was very knowledgeable in not just his own real estate market but also within the surrounding areas as well.

As a family man himself, John was able to relate to my needs. John is very intelligent and has the necessary skill set to help me with my issues. His work experience and work ethic are unrivaled.

The selling of my house was an emotional undertaking. All of the memories associated with our house proved to be much more difficult than I had imagined. John was very sympathetic to these emotions and assured me that starting all over again can be a positive experience. John assisted me and my family in every way possible beyond his job title as a real estate agent. He provided comfort and held our hands though this process together.

In short: John became the friend we all wish we had in our lives. After John sold our house, my family and I moved into a rental house that was near my children’s school. After living there for several months, I recontacted John and I told him that I wanted to purchase a home and become a home owner again...with a twist.

I wanted a house but not just within the city limits, but also within this specific school zone so the children can continue going to the same school without interruption. John worked tirelessly until we found a house...within the city limits AND within the same school zone.

I was in awe.

In what seemed like a short time frame, the house was ours. The house that I currently live in with my family was all because of the hard work and steadfast dedication from John. The sellers were extremely difficult to work with but John hid this ugliness from me so that I would have a perfect buying experience.

Every loan option John presented to me were designed to fit my lifestyle with my family in mind. It was as if John had custom
prepared every step of the process all the way to receiving the keys to the house with minimal effort from me.

My family and I owe a great deal of gratitude to John. He helped us start anew and gave us the ability to set our roots at a place we can now call our forever home.

As a retired Police Detective, I understand how things need to be done efficiently and effectively. John proved more than that. John was very accurate with his paperwork, the timing to submit those documents was impeccable, his knowledge of the housing markets were flawless and his deep understanding of contract negotiations was phenomenal. From crossing the T's to dotting the I's, John paid attention to every little detail throughout the process.

I've always wondered about John's email signature but now, I have no doubt that John Kim is my "Personal Lifetime Real Estate & Mortgage Consultant."

He should be yours, too.

Stan Szeto

The only real estate friend you'll ever want and need.

John is a consummate professional. He works tirelessly for his clients and is extremely patient with his explanations of options. It's nice to know a trustworthy person in the real estate industry in light of the current system full of questionable lenders and agents. I highly recommend John Kim to anyone who wishes to buy or sell his/her property.

Khoa Pham, Director of Legal & Corporate Affairs, Microsoft

I recommend John Kim!

As a first time home buyer, I did not have a true understanding of how much work was involved in purchasing a home. John Kim, referred by my sister and brother, exceeded all my expectations of a real estate agent! He is honest and upfront about everything. John's experience and vast knowledge of the industry played a major role in the success of my new home. Any agent can sell a home, but what made me really appreciate John was his attentiveness to my needs and involvement in every step of the process, from beginning to end!

Mike Hoang, Wealth Management Analyst at Morgan Stanley

Look no further!

John and I have worked together on various real estate, commercial and technical projects throughout the ten years we have known each other. It goes without saying that he is my go-to source for all things related to real estate, but he is also the most highly organized and efficient managers one can ask for when taking on large and complicated projects that achieves results. To this day, I count on John to manage all of my real estate needs, and trust his advice explicitly; I recommend John Kim for Bay Area real estate issues without reservation.

Grace Keh, Marketing Strategist, Food Author, Food & Beverage CPG, Technology & Payments, Event Management

The only one I trust in real estate!

It is our sincere pleasure to recommend Mr. John Kim as a personal real estate agent. In the past few months my wife and I have worked closely with John in search of our first home. As with all new home-buyers, we initially found the process stressful and overwhelming, but i cannot think of anyone better for the job than John who has expeditiously helped us through the challenges. It is rare to see someone with the drive, enthusiasm and professional etiquette exhibited by John.

Our search began in July, and given my current military orders in North Carolina and my wife residing in California, our predicament posed many challenges. Specifically, we needed someone who could work with the long distance and coordinate the process in a timely manner. Most importantly, we needed someone who can competitively negotiate with our loan; John was highly recommneded to us by our colleague. Througout the process, John was very patient and always made himself available to answer our questions. In addition, John was very attentive to our needs and worked closely with us to understand what we expected in our future home. We were very impressed by his knowledge base, ability to work around our schedule and his efficient and well-organized method of leveraging online applications to conveniently process and document paperwork. He was able to make many traditionally tedious and complicated processes simple and convenient. 

Together we were able to close on a beautiful home this December; just in time for the holidays. John's pleasant personailty and enthusiasm was a joy to work with and much appreciate by both us and the seller. In the current market when it's often difficult to navigate the real estate landscape, John's professionalism and integrity are rare qualities and we consider ourselves luck to have found him our first time around. 


Mr. & Mrs. Nguyen

We did it, thanks to you!

I just want to express my heartfelt appreciation for all you did during the stressful process of selling our home of 40 years. Whenever I had a question, you were right there with the answer and an extra dose of understanding and support. You were totally professional but with kindness thrown in. Your guidance in was such a blessing and probably the reason I survived the experience with my sanity intact! (Well, mostly)

If anyone I know asks for a recommendation for a realtor, I will glad recommend you! Thanks so much!


Jean Kern

Thanks so much!!

Finally!!! From searching while we were pregnant to giving birth to our beautiful baby girl, the hours and days we've put into searching for a home, all of the hard work has paid off, we finally purchased a house to call our home, where we could build memories and watch our babies grow. With the help of our good friend John we can now say we are homeowners!!!

Thank you John for everything you've done for me and my family, without you, we would still be searching and going crazy as we speak, thank you once again for all your time you've put into helping us find our home. Appreciate everything you did for us!

Jose Suarez

We appreciate you!

John is a trustworthy professional, highly effective and with a deep knowledge of the Real Estate industry.

Patricio Haristoy, CEO at ABMatic (Grupo Precision)

Simply the best!

Buying a house is probably the most stressful thing we have encountered, but well worth the stress at the end. I must say meeting John Kim has been a blessing, we knew nothing about buying a house, we had millions of questions and John answered them with a smile on his face. I probably sent him a billion homes that we wanted to see and he was happy to show us the homes. He is such a loving and caring person and our kids love him, he became more than just our realtor he became a close friend and family.

Since John came into our lives he has made everything so much simpler, I was pregnant while searching for our home and John was there every step of the way. He has so much knowledge about what he’s doing. I can go on and on about how amazing John is to our family. I’ve recommended everyone that I have come across that are inquiring about buying a home, he so helpful and the fact that he is so knowledgeable just made everything he does that much more easily.

You will not be disappointed with John’s work ethics. I cannot thank John enough for all he has done for our family. John worked his magic and got us our home after long hours and many months of searching.


Stacey Saephanh

What stress?